Magic Leap One is the first wearable, spatial computer built for consumers and professionals. I led the user interaction and user experience design for the Magic Leap One hardware - from the concept to the assembly line in Guadalajara. I worked hands-on in collaboration with Industrial Design, Engineering, Human Factors, Product Marketing and Magic Leap Studios to design the ML1 Control. I built a small team and led them in the research and design of a multimodal input paradigm (touch, pose, gaze, hand gesture and voice), the Lightpack button UX and the LED light story across the product.


"These are a magnificent machine." .

~ Adam Savage at

Date: April, 2015 - December, 2016

Role: Principal Designer, Hardware UX Team

Team: 2 Interaction Designers, 3 Prototypers and a 3D visual designer at Magic Leap

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