Magic Leap One is the first wearable, spatial computer built for consumers and professionals. I led UI/UX design for the Magic Leap One hardware - from concept to the assembly line in Guadalajara. I worked hands-on in collaboration with Industrial Design, Engineering, Human Factors, Product Marketing and Magic Leap Studios to design the ML1 Control. I built a small team and led them in the research and design of a multimodal input paradigm (touch, 6DoF controller, gaze, hand gesture and voice), as well as the physical product interface (button schema, haptic feedback, etc.) and LED light story across the product.


"These are a magnificent machine." .

~ Adam Savage at

Date: April, 2015 - December, 2016

Role: Principal Designer, Hardware UX Team

Team: 2 Interaction Designers, 3 Prototypers and a 3D visual designer at Magic Leap

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