LuminOS is the operating system for Magic Leap One. It has been designed and optimized for spatial computing. My team and I designed and shipped every user-facing aspect of LuminOS, as well as the design of the developer tools. Some of the key LuminOS platform features I managed, include:

  • The design and prototyping of a multimodal input paradigm that supports accessible touchpad interactions, but can be progressively enhanced  with 6DoF spatial control, hand gestures and voice input on demand across the OS..

  • The visual design of LuminOS,  including building a new type of team and  2D/3D pipeline for art, motion, shaders, VFX and a UI Kit. Highlights are the Radial Launcher and Welcome Islands Startup Scene.

  • The design of a suite of 7 core apps: Avatar Chat/Social, Helio Browser, Gallery, Camera, Phone, Screens and Magic Leap World (the app store).

  • The Lumin OS Landscape, which is a personalized metaverse capable of running multiple apps at the same time with shared 3D maps of your environment, persistent spatial anchors, realtime occlusion, physics, and avatars.

  • Multiuser shared experiences with customizable Avatars that you control with the movement of your own eyes, face, hands, voice and body movement.

  • A complete Design System for LuminOS and Design Guide for Magic Leap One, including a new typeface (LominoUI) and type hierarchy designed for legibility on diffractive waveguide optical systems.

date: 2016 - 2019

role: Director of UI/UX

team: ~ 35 designers, 5 vendors

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