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Hi! My name is James, and I'm a product designer and prototyper.


For 17 years i have been making products and experiences that empower creative people to augment reality. Before that, I made robots to look for water on Mars.


I've built daring and optimistic design teams and cultures that shipped award-winning products at Snap, Samsung and Magic leap. Ive been lucky to mentor some great design leaders and now many lead their own design teams. Early in my career, my friends and I founded art networks like the F.A.T. Lab and Graffiti Research Lab. We hacked the city, the web and the MoMA. We won a few battles for the culture and inspired a lot of young artists to combine art and code to take the power back.

Now I collect and trade the work of those young artists on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchain.

I'm a dad, husband and rose gardener who is here to continue the pursuit of excellence in design craft. One day I might get there.


- James P

My resume.

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