Lumin OS

That's A Purty Long Sarmon For Chap

Client: Magic Leap One
Date: August 8, 2018
Services: Recruiting, Design Management, Design Strategy, Product Design & Creative/Art Direction


Lumin OS is a multi-tasking operating system for Magic Leap One designed for spatial computing. Rather than a traditional “desktop,” Lumin OS defines a Landscape, a combination of your physical environment and the apps and content you have placed there.

The Landscape blends the greatest hits of atoms and bits.

In the Landscape, users can customize their environment and create a seamless experience between the digital and physical world. Applications can co-exist, persist between sessions, and become a part of the environment that a user experiences by default.

Landscape Apps

Landscape Apps are built using the Lumin Runtime application framework. This framework lets apps run in parallel. Not only can you easily switch between apps, you can launch multiple instances of the same app.

Landscape Apps are contained within a volumetric window called a Prism. Prisms can be easily targeted, manipulated, and placed within the current Landscape.

Like desktop computing, you can use one app at a time, or open many apps open simultaneously. In spatial computing, to access an app you simply look at it to interact with it. You can spread your apps as you would furniture around your space or posters on walls. This is your mixed realitylandscape.

Landscape Apps have an interaction model based on a simple patterns of selection and backward navigation. Interactions, behaviors, and UI patterns across each Landscape App should be consistent, allowing for predictable experiences when moving from app to app.


Persistent Apps

With persistently-placed content, users can access their apps directly and can create a fluid multi-app experience.

Object Manipulation

Users can manipulate and interact with apps and 3D objects in their physical space. Each app can be moved, rotated, and scaled separately as needed.


Allowing users to multitask between app instances in the Landscape is extremely important. Subsequently, providing clear controls for the user to manipulate, drill-in, and back-out of their apps is essential.

The controls in the Landscape will quickly become second nature to users. They will learn to look around, target and move/manipulate, and interact with different apps and objects.

Shared Experiences

All Landscape Apps have the default capability to be shared with other Magic Leap One users. Through Casting, users can experience the same digital content at the same time across different devices.

Main Functions

Within the Landscape, users can:

  • Access and interact with multiple-placed applications
  • Move, rotate, and scale placed instances of apps
  • Access the app launcher to spawn new apps
  • Access incoming notifications
  • Access the system’s status bar
  • Place applications into Follow mode
  • Quickly delete and manage running apps


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Isaac Tobin Creative Director at Fantasy Interactive